“Irgendwie bin ich immer am Schreiben”.

Vom Sinn transdisziplinärer Analysen der Textproduktion im Medienwandel

Schlagworte: Transdisziplinäre Forschung, Journalistische Textproduktion, Progressionsanalyse, Digitalisierung, Beiläufiges Schreiben


Transdisciplinary research is research not only on, but also for and, most of all, with practitioners. In the research framework of transdisciplinarity, scholars and practitioners collaborate throughout research projects with the aim of mutual learning. This paper shows the value transdisciplinarity can add to media linguistics. It does so by investigating the digital literacy shift in journalism: the change, in the last two decades, from the predominance of a writing mode that we have termed focused writing to a mode we have called writing-by-the-way. Large corpora of writing process data have been generated and analyzed with the multimethod approach of progression analysis in order to combine analytical depth with breadth. On the object level of doing writing in journalism, results show that the general trend towards writing-by-the-way opens up new niches for focused writing. On a meta level of doing research, findings explain under what conditions transdisciplinarity allows for deeper insights into the medialinguistic object of investigation.

Perrin, D. (2019). “Irgendwie bin ich immer am Schreiben” . Journal für Medienlinguistik, 2(1), 14-47. https://doi.org/10.21248/jfml.2019.18