Nonverbale graphische Ressourcen bei Reparaturen in der interaktionalen informellen Schriftlichkeit am Beispiel der deutschen Chat-Kommunikation via IRC-Chat und WhatsApp

  • Irina Mostovaia Universität Hamburg
Schlagworte: Reparatur, Reparaturinitiierung, WhatsApp, IRC-Chat, computervermittelte Kommunikation, Asterisk, Gleichheitszeichen, Pluszeichen, Minuszeichen


The aim of this paper is to present the results of an empirical analysis of the use of non-alphabetic graphic signs (e.g. asterisks, slashes, plus signs etc.) in the context of repairs in Russian and German informal electronic communication. The data for the analysis were taken from the “Mobile Communication Database MoCoDa” (, which contains Russian and German private electronic communication via SMS, WhatsApp and other short message services, and the “Dortmunder Chat-Korpus” ( This paper describes the functions of various graphic resources in the context of repairs in both data collections and compares the occurrences of these functions in current Russian and German computer-mediated communication. It concludes that particular signs in both data sets share the same subset of functions, but they differ in terms of how frequently these resources occur in each form of communication.